fuxi guqin , Where can I find high-quality guqin?

Firstly, guqin can be divided into several categories due to its price: 1. Master qin (usually priced at around 50000 to 500000 yuan, with a surface of raw paint, an old cedar wood panel, a catalpa wood base, wrapped in summer cloth, and a gray body made of raw paint mixed with deer antler frost. The craftsmanship is generally good. After all, this price range is good, but with the endorsement of the master, the cost-effectiveness is not high, and there is not much room for appreciation.) 2 Pure handmade old cedar lacquer guqin (usually priced between 4000 and 50000 yuan, similar to master qin craftsmanship and materials, so without master endorsement, it would be much more cost-effective. The difference in price in the selection of materials is better or worse than batch materials, with no more than 3% being able to make high-end qin wood, and the different pianists used, resulting in different prices.) 3 Pure handmade new Chinese fir lacquer guqin (priced between 3000 to 10000 yuan, with a cost similar to that of the old Chinese fir guqin. However, the selected wood is made of new materials, not old materials for inspection, so the cost is lower. However, the probability of deformation and cracking is high. In order to reduce the cost of replacing wood materials, the level of a pianist must not be top-notch, and the price will be relatively low.)
The first step in selecting a guqin is to understand the basic knowledge of lacquer surface, guqin board, and gray body. 1. Let is talk about the selection of paint surface first: Traditional Chinese large paint films are hard and shiny, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and resistance to various organic solvents. The electrical insulation performance is also very good. Today, we are fortunate enough to touch the old qin that has been around for thousands of years. The role of high-quality lacquer cannot be erased. Big paint also has advantages and disadvantages, and the prices are also different, which is ominous to mention here. Of course, currently low-end guqin still has synthetic lacquer and pure chemical lacquer, as they can reduce costs and have strong price competitiveness. 2. The next thing to consider is the board: currently, there are many materials for making pianos. Guqin made of high-quality cedar wood is also quite common.
Specific steps to purchase a guqin: 1. Understand the basic knowledge of guqin: Before purchasing a guqin, you can learn some basic knowledge of guqin, such as common sound names, names and positions of various parts, historical background of guqin, etc. This can better help you make a purchase. 2. Find reliable sales channels: Guqin can be purchased through channels such as music schools, piano companies, and some Guqin groups. These channels are relatively formal and reliable, ensuring the reliability of Guqin quality. Before purchasing, it is important to check if the accessories are complete, such as the strings and hooks. 3. Qin test: Before purchasing a guqin, be sure to personally test it. When trying the piano, it is important to pay attention to the tone, volume, clarity of the tone, and observe the craftsmanship and appearance of the piano. The basic conditions such as material and appearance must meet your own requirements. 4. Choose a suitable size for your guqin: There are three types of guqin sizes: normal, juvenile, and child. When choosing a guqin, beginners should choose a guqin that is suitable for their height and body shape, in order to quickly adapt to the pressure control of the qin body and lay a solid foundation.

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